Arkansas Asphalt & Road Base Specialists

A well-established granular road base and asphaltic hot mix specialist working for over 41 years in central Arkansas. We pay attention to little details that make our asphalt jobs stand out from all the rest. We excel at recognizing future problems and finding the best possible solution for our customers and are committed to solving any problems until our customers are satisfied.


Commercial Asphalt Services

Eighty percent of our projects are commercial. We build parking lots for shopping centers, industrial warehouses, and car lots. We also construct jogging walk trials, running tracks, and tennis courts. Parking lots for any type businesses is our main source of business.

Twenty percent of our business entails residential work such as driveways. We put an emphasis on rural estate homes and have an excellent following of reputable builders who specialize in constructing luxurious homes.

Peneprime is equipped to provide our customers with a complete line of maintenance such as repair of desecrated asphalt, crack sealing, seal coating, stripping, and installation of bumper blocks.